The boater was apparently below deck when he crossed in front of the Chetzemoka. No one was injured.

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It was as if the boater was asleep at the wheel.

A vessel, aptly called “Nap Tyme,” motored into the path of Washington State Ferry Chetzemoka on Sunday, colliding with the much-larger boat while a passenger filmed from an observation deck.

“As far as we know,” state ferries spokesman Brian Mannion said, “the person driving that boat, ‘Nap Tyme,’ was below deck” when it crossed in front of the ferry.

Warning: This video, shot by passengers aboard the ferry, contains some “salty” language.

Mannion said the ferry captain followed all protocol when blaring warning blasts from the boat’s horn, and was even able to bring his vessel almost to a complete stop.

No injuries were reported — and the ferry was delayed for only 30 minutes before the Coast Guard cleared both vessels for travel, Mannion said.

The exact cause of the vessel collision is under investigation, said a U.S. Coast Guard spokeswoman. The pilot of “Nap Tyme” was not cited at the scene and is not under criminal investigation, she said.

Mannion said boaters need to be alert at all times, a simple rule that would have prevented the incident.

“We’re very fortunate no one was injured and the damage was minor,” he said.

The Chetzemoka was traveling toward Vashon Island from Point Defiance.