A cyclist's GoPro camera captured his collision with an SUV. Then, the driver sped off.

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Cyclist Trip Volpe was cruising along in a Dexter Avenue North bike lane on Friday when an SUV turning left cut in front of him. Volpe, who was filming with a GoPro, slammed into the SUV and then let out a gasp.

His video shows the driver promptly leaving the scene. According to KING-TV, Volpe sprained his thumb in the collision and has road rash.

Volpe told the station he was “annoyed that the guy decided to just drive off. The least he could have done is stop and see if I was OK and swap insurance information.”

The 18-year-old driver of the SUV turned himself into police later Friday, according to Seattle police.

Trip Volpe’s video (WARNING: profanity):

The crash took place at the same intersection where another cyclist, 44-year-old Michael Wang, was killed in July 2011. Wang, who worked at PATH, was struck while riding his bicycle home to Shoreline. The driver fled the scene. Two months later, driver Erlin Garcia-Reyes, then 28, was arrested when he was under investigation for another hit and run. He received a 41-month prison sentence.

In 2013, another cyclist was hit about a block away when a driver made a left turn in front of him, according to the Seattle Bike Blog.

Dexter Avenue North is a popular route for cyclists commuting from North Seattle to South Lake Union and downtown.

More than 1 million bikes were counted crossing the nearby Fremont bridge last year — more than 3,200 on weekdays last year. Many riders who use the bridge also use Dexter Avenue North.

Bike counts from 2012 show about 1,800 people each day crossed Dexter Avenue North and Denny Way.

In 2013, the Seattle Department of Transportation reported 421 collisions involving bicycles. According to KING-TV, preliminary data for 2014 showed that number had risen to 457.