Power company Avista has requested approval from regulators for 265 charging stations to promote the benefits of electric vehicles.

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SPOKANE — A power company that wants to install 265 charging stations in Eastern Washington is asking state regulators to approve a two-year pilot program that would expand electric-vehicle use in the region.

Avista, in a request filed last month with the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission, cites environmental benefits, fuel cost savings and vehicle performance as benefits of the plan to put in electric-vehicle supply equipment, or EVSE.

“A comprehensive EVSE program aligns with state policy goals to achieve societal benefits, is responsive to customers, and addresses critical adoption barriers,” the company wrote in the request.

The company said work could begin in May if the plan is approved.

The company estimates it will cost about $3.1 million to put the charging stations in 120 homes, 100 workplaces and 45 public locations.

Seven of the public locations would have fast-charging stations that take 15 to 20 minutes to replenish a battery.

It hasn’t yet been decided how the locations would be selected, said Avista spokeswoman Mary Tyrie.

About 12,000 electric vehicles are registered in the state, which has an Electric Vehicle Action Plan that calls for 50,000 electric vehicles by 2020.

Andrew Biviano, a local attorney and electric-vehicle enthusiast, said there are poor options for charging stations, with competition for existing stations making it a challenge.

Additional charging stations, he said, could cause more drivers to see the benefits of electric vehicles.

He said it costs about $20 a month to travel 1,000 miles on electricity. Using a wall outlet at home, he said, it takes 12 hours to get a charge to drive 60 miles.