Sound Transit noted the milestone Friday and said its $2.1 billion light-rail project between downtown and Northgate remains on schedule for completion in 2021. Watch the video of the tunnel machine.

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Sound Transit’s tunnel-boring machine Brenda broke into the future U District light-rail station late Friday morning, still on schedule for trains to serve Northgate by September 2021.

After four to six weeks of maintenance, it will resume digging south toward Husky Stadium to finish the northbound subway tunnel, said Sound Transit spokeswoman Kimberly Reason. Shortly after that, tunnel-drill Pamela, now digging the southbound tube, will break into U District Station.

The $2.1 billion, 4.3-mile Northgate Link extension is designed to provide a reliable 14-minute ride between Northgate and downtown, and attract 60,000 daily passengers by 2030, Sound Transit says.

Brenda is one-seventh the size of Highway 99 tunnel-machine Bertha, which is two years late and undergoing repairs at the downtown waterfront. Meanwhile, trains from downtown will serve Capitol Hill and Husky Stadium early next year.