New parking rates take effect Monday, aimed at reaching the Seattle Department of Transportation’s goal for each block in the city having one to two open parking spaces for cars.

The rate adjustments, the last of three planned this year, are being made in 36 parking areas, including in Ballard, Capitol Hill, downtown and the University District, based on an analysis of parking data and seasonal trends.

Most increases will happen during afternoons and evenings. Out of 90 total locations and times, SDOT is adjusting 36 rates. Six locations and times where spots are not as full as in early summer will see rate decreases; 30 locations and times where parking capacity is full or nearly full will see rate increases.

New Seattle on-street parking rates take effect Monday

The hourly rate adjustments, one of three planned per year, are being made in 36 parking areas.

Source: Seattle Department of Transportation

The goal of parking rate changes is to find the right price to balance supply and demand. Rates that are too high might mean spaces sit empty; rates that are too low might create too much competition, making it harder to find a space.

The highest rate will be in Denny Triangle South, where the rate will increase from $4 to $5 an hour from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. More information on the updated rates is available at An interactive map showing rates by time and location is at