Torrential rain and stupid drivers. A great combination. We ask readers for their stories.

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Have you got your story about stupid drivers in the kind of torrential rain we’ve been having the past few weeks?

I’ve got stories.

Let’s, you know, share. Maybe it’ll lower the stress level.

First, a stat of interest: The State Patrol investigated 20 percent more collisions in King County from Dec. 8-10 than from Nov. 24-26, which featured heavy Thanksgiving holiday traffic.

Gee, I wonder what could possibly have been the reason for that increase (250 collisions versus 208) between a week of torrential rain and a week of mostly dry weather?

I’ll tell you.

Stupid drivers.

Stupid drivers who think you still can go 70 mph when freeways are like rivers, change lanes in front of a barreling semi.

I was driving north on Interstate 5 last week, just past Arlington. Rain smashing into the windshield. Wipers at full blast and barely keeping up.

I ended up slowing to 50. The driver in front of me decided the rain was bad enough to pull off to the side of the freeway. Other drivers slowed way down, too.

Except the guy in the back of me. He pulled to within inches; he could have passed me in the left lane. I took the nearest exit and got coffee. The rain let up and I got back on the road.

I remember one time interviewing a guy with the state’s Department of Transportation at Snoqualmie Pass. He was talking about stupid drivers in weather like this, when the roads up there get wet, and icy.

He told me, “They think, ‘I’ve got a four-wheel drive that I can accelerate better than anybody else.’ They want to travel at 70 miles an hour. But when it comes to stopping, we all stop at the same rate.”

We await your stories, hopefully not typed from an emergency room. Please use the form below. We’ll compile the best ones to share with readers.