A log-truck spill at the Edmonds ferry terminal left drivers stranded for a couple hours on the M/V Spokane while temporarily closing service from Kingston.

Nine logs landed partly onto the dock pavement when they slid off one of the paired axle sets behind the semi just before 11 a.m., pictures show.

Service resumed with the 2:25 p.m. departure from Edmonds to Kingston, following an engineering inspection of the ramp and vessel.

Passengers applauded when the last log was retrieved by arriving log-company machinery just before 1:30 p.m. said spokesperson Ian Sterling of Washington State Ferries.

About 150 people and vehicles were stuck aboard the vessel behind the stalled truck, he said.

Log trucks cross Puget Sound nearly every day, including on this route, Sterling said. Ferries staff don’t know yet why the load tumbled, but the travel lane does have slopes and curbs that large loads must avoid.