How the new I-405 toll lane worked, according to commuters.

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Many commuters got their first taste of the new I-405 express toll lanes Monday morning after the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) rolled out its new system over the weekend.

The toll lane costs between 75 cents and 10 dollars to drive in, depending on traffic volume. Drivers with three passengers and a Flex Pass can travel for free in toll lanes. Drivers with at least two passengers and a Flex Pass can travel for free outside of peak hours.

Demand for the Lynnwood-to-Bellevue toll lanes seemed relatively slow throughout the morning, with prices rising only briefly from 75 cents.

To enforce proper use of the new toll lanes, Washington State Patrol will have extra troopers on I-405, said Trooper Chris Webb, a spokesman for the agency.

Webb said drivers were pulled over Monday morning for toll violations, but were not ticketed.

“We basically didn’t write any tickets for those infractions, anything related to the tolls. It’s just an educational process right now,” Webb said.

On Sunday, Webb said he saw many drivers cross the double white lines on the roadway, which is not allowed. He said he wasn’t sure if drivers were confused by the new markings or trying to get out of congestion.

There will be increased patrols on I-405 Monday afternoon, and extra troopers will likely patrol the roadway for years, Webb said.

Drivers took to social media to express their opinions of the new tolling effort. Here’s a sampling of reaction: