Over the past few years, the Seattle area saw explosive growth that brought increased traffic congestion and higher transit ridership.

Then, for a few weeks last spring, when Gov. Jay Inslee instituted a stay-at-home order to curb the coronavirus pandemic, the city stood nearly still.

Many employees who could do so began working from home, causing a dramatic cut in commuting trips, especially during rush hour. Meanwhile, transit agencies restricted the number of passengers allowed on board to accommodate for social distancing.

Now, as vaccines roll out throughout Washington, we’re all beginning to think about life after the pandemic.

For many, that future may include going back to the office, continuing to work remotely or a combination of the two. As part of that calculation, we also need to decide how we’ll move about as the pandemic eases.

The Seattle Times would like to hear about your post-pandemic transportation plans.

How will you get around, for both work and for leisure? Will you go back to riding transit? If you bought a car or bicycle during the pandemic, will you continue to use it? If you worked in an office, do you plan to adjust your working hours or the number of days you work there?

Our team is exploring how we’ll use the transportation system in the months ahead. We may use some of your responses in our reporting.