Even after a huge snowstorm hit the Eastern Seaboard over the weekend, the situation at Sea-Tac International Airport has been fairly normal: Many eastbound flights are operating as usual, while a few others are delayed or canceled.

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Travel to the Middle Atlantic and Northeast continues to be disrupted by a huge snowstorm that slammed the Eastern U.S. over the weekend.

New York and Washington, D.C., airports were hit the hardest.

The situation at Sea-Tac International Airport is fairly normal as of early Monday morning: Many eastbound flights were operating as usual, while a few others were delayed or canceled.

Sea-Tac Airport spokesman Perry Cooper advises travelers seeking information about specific flights to check with their airlines.

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Tips: Check before you go to the airport, and sign up for email notifications of your flight status.

Also: Flight Aware has a flight cancellations page that provides a daily look at individual airports. Monday morning, it showed just a handful of delays and cancellations originating from Sea-Tac.