With Bertha midway between Sodo and South Lake Union, new drone footage shows where the boring machine will break through near Mercer Street.

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The Washington State Department of Transportations released drone footage showing where the giant tunnel boring machine Bertha will break through between Denny Way and Mercer Street.

On Friday Bertha passed the halfway point of its drilling from Sodo to South Lake Union. The giant drill has chewed its way through 4,635 feet of earth and is currently about 190 feet below First Avenue between Pike and Pine streets.

The latest drone video isn’t as interesting as an earlier video taken from a drone flying through a portion of the tunnel. And it might not lend itself to a clever make over into a scene from Star Wars. But it does show the scale of the project, which is largely hidden from commuters as they sit in traffic on Highway 99 just outside the Battery Street Tunnel.