The commute was rather ordinary, with no more crashes than usual. But heavy rains affected visibility, especially on I-5, where puddles splashed into adjacent lanes.

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By now, Puget Sound commuters know the recipe all too well: Another rainy morning, another commute brought to a crawl.

Save for a malfunctioning traffic light on Highway 522, Thursday morning’s commute was rather ordinary. There was no overturned bee truck or fish truck to contend with, but drivers were still seeing red — all over their traffic maps, at least.

“We haven’t had more crashes than the usual in the morning. It seems like the weather is slowing people down,” said Washington State Department of Transportation spokeswoman Andrea Flatley. “The rain is coming down uncharacteristically hard for Seattle.”

Flatley said drivers were reporting puddles on Interstate 5 sending water into adjacent lanes and affecting visibility. WSDOT assigned maintenance crews to clear standing water on roadways.

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She reminded people to plan to spend extra time on their commutes, especially those traveling on Highway 99, where some lanes are closed.

She also warned that the return trip won’t be any easier.

“If the forecast is going to keep the rain coming down with the afternoon commute, it’s not going to be pretty,” Flatley said.