The Point Defiance to Tahlequah line was suspended indefinitely after a captain collapsed, hitting the docked ferry’s control panel as he fell, causing the ferry to lurch. Crew got control of the ship and used a defibrillator on the captain, whose condition is unknown.

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The Point Defiance-Tahlequah line of the Washington State Ferries remained out of service Sunday, after a ferry captain suffered a serious medical problem Saturday evening while the boat was docked at Point Defiance.

The captain had a “pretty major medical emergency” while the ferry was docked, said Ian Sterling, a Ferries spokesman. He collapsed, hitting a control panel as he fell, which caused the ferry, minutes away from departure, to lurch, Sterling said.

Crew immediately got control of the ship, but not before it damaged the dock, Sterling said. Crew used an onboard defibrillator on the captain and then, because of the damage to the dock, used one of the ferry’s rescue boats to get him to the beach, where he was met by emergency responders, Sterling said.

“All our thoughts tonight with one of our captains who suffered a medical issue,” Washington State Ferries wrote on Twitter.

Maintenance crews have been dispatched to make the necessary repairs, according to a report Sunday on the Ferries system website.

The Point Defiance-Tahlequah route connects the Tacoma area to Vashon Island. Washington State Ferries was directing passengers to the Fauntleroy and Southworth docks, both of which serve Vashon Island. Service delays were reported.