The price of a 12-ounce cup went from $2 to $3.01 on the Bremerton-to-Seattle ferry Thursday morning. The increase comes as a new company takes over as the ferry service’s food concessionaire.

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After weeks of waiting for the Washington State Ferries’ new food-service company, Centerplate, to revise and open the galley, ferry customers were greeted this morning with a surprise.

There’s only a single coffee-cup size offered, small, and the price of the 12-ounce caffeine dose jumped more than 50 percent, from $2 to $3.01.

That additional 1 cent felt like a little salt in the wound, said commuters who gathered around the commercial coffee makers on the 4:50 a.m. Bremerton to Seattle ferry Thursday morning.

It also initially appeared that dollar refills had disappeared.

Joshua Pell, a spokesman for the Connecticut-based company that operates the food and beverage concessions for the Seattle Mariners, among stadiums, resorts and transportation hubs nationwide, said on Twitter, however, that refills will be offered at $1.25.

That’s still a 25 percent increase for people who can get a 12-ounce cup of drip coffee at Starbucks for $1.95 plus tax.

Centerplate took over as the ferry service’s food concessionaire after winning a bid for a 10-year contract with the state. The former provider, Olympic Cascade Services of Bremerton, filed a lawsuit to keep its vendor contract but lost.

Centerplate could not be reached for comment, but Ian Sterling, a spokesman for Washington State Ferries, said the new vendor is “still working out the kinks.”

“What we heard over and over again from people is that they were not happy with the quality of the food,” he said. “I get that it’s frustrating for customers if coffee is the only thing they buy, but Centerplate has said that where there are price increases it will be because they’re offering a premium product.”

“I suppose if they don’t sell the amount they want, they may mark it down,” Sterling said.