In response to an article on bus etiquette, a King County Metro driver offers another perspective.

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Recently, I wrote a story on bus etiquette that shared a dozen tips from regular riders about how to behave on our region’s increasingly crowded transit system.

The story drew dozens of responses, including an email from a Metro bus driver, who offered his own list of do’s and don’ts. Here’s the top of the list:

1) Pay your fare.

2) Don’t harass the driver.

3) Don’t quarrel with other passengers.

4) Have your fare ready when you step onto the bus.  Otherwise you will plug up the entrance while you find your fare.

5) If you don’t have your fare ready, let others board before you.  Board last, then you can find your fare while the driver drives on.

For more on a driver’s perspective, see Christine Clarridge’s profile of Metro operator Cherry Gilbert (not the same driver who sent the tips above, by the way) and take the quiz you’ll find there: “Do you have what it takes to be a Metro bus driver?”