Monday saw a nasty wreck on Interstate 5 and some unexpected snowfall. Tuesday dawned a little chilly, and Wednesday is expected to be warm and windy.

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Wet, windy weather is expected to move into the Puget Sound region Wednesday and Thursday, melting any remnants of Monday’s surprising snowfall. Temperatures are expected to rise to the mid-40s Tuesday afternoon and into the 50s on Wednesday.

Some outlying areas reported freezing temperatures Tuesday morning, with some streets remaining icy for the morning commute. But the Washington State Department of Transportation reported that most freeways and arterials were bare and wet — a welcome change after a day of freak snowfall, thundersnow, hail and miserable traffic caused by an overturned fuel-tanker truck that closed Interstate 5 for eight hours.

“Rough day yesterday for commuters across Washington State,” tweeted Trooper Brian Moore with the Washington State Patrol. “Let’s make today much safer!”

Monday was freakish in another way: The day’s high and low temperatures both occurred in the afternoon — and just one hour apart. National Weather Service meteorologist Dustin Guy said a high of 41 degrees was recorded at 3:46 p.m., and the low of 33 came at 4:55 p.m.

“That’s pretty rare at any time of year,” Guy said.

More snow is headed for the mountain passes over the weekend, he said. The Cascades could see a couple feet of new snow between Friday and Sunday morning, making travel between Eastern and Western Washington treacherous.

Colder temperatures also will return to the Seattle area, with the freezing level dropping to about 1,000 feet Saturday, but we’re unlikely to see more snow in the lowlands, Guy said.

“I think that (Monday) was our last flirt with freezing temperatures for the year,” he said.