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A Boeing 787 traveling from Denver to Tokyo diverted to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport late Tuesday afternoon because of an oil-filter problem, officials said.

United Airlines flight 139 landed at Sea-Tac without incident at around 4:10 p.m. after declaring an emergency for engine failure, according to Allen Kenitzer, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration.

United officials later attributed the problem to an oil filter.

“Flight 139 from Denver to Tokyo-Narita diverted to Seattle due to an indication of a problem with an oil filter,” spokeswoman Mary Ryan wrote in a statement. “The aircraft landed normally and we are working to reaccommodate customers.”

The 787-8, which left Denver at around noon Pacific time, was carrying 210 passengers, Ryan said.

Information on the flight-tracking website indicates the plane made it past Vancouver Island before turning back.

Sea-Tac spokesman Perry Cooper said the plane showed “nothing of concern” when it landed.

The aircraft is one of six 787 planes currently in service, according to United. Earlier in the day, the airline announced it was ordering an additional 10 787 Dreamliners — bringing its order to 65.

United, the only U.S. airline to operate the 787, just debuted its Denver-Tokyo service last week.

Boeing 787 planes were grounded between January and May of this year after two high-profile battery failures.

Boeing spokesman Kate Bergman said Tuesday evening that the 787-8’s problem was “completely unrelated to any battery issues.”

“We are aware of the situation, and we’re working with United to help however they need us, ” Bergman said.