In the past few months, The Seattle Times investigative team has reported on allegations of sexual misconduct by acclaimed local chef Edouardo Jordan. We’ve continued to follow the investigation into Manuel Ellis’ killing by Tacoma police officers. We examined the complicated track record of a massive King County levy as it went to voters’ ballots for renewal.

Our team’s mission is to hold the powerful to account and expose injustices. This type of reporting takes a lot of time and resources. Our reporters often sift through thousands of pages of documents to find what’s newsworthy. They interview sources to check every detail and tell personal stories. They analyze reams of data to find patterns, inconsistencies or things that don’t seem quite right.

Readers only see the published stories, but we want to pull back the curtain and make our team’s work clearer, from how we decide which stories to pursue to how we get records from public agencies.

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