The Seattle Times has reported on wage theft, sexual misconduct and COVID violations at restaurants throughout Washington. Now, we want to learn more about what happens when restaurant workers (including those in bars, coffee shops and other food service establishments) file complaints against their workplaces. 

Workers can file complaints with local or state agencies, reporting issues including wage theft, health and safety violations and discrimination/retaliation. We’re interested in hearing about all of these and any other problems you’ve experienced in your workplace. 

We want to talk with as many people as possible who have worked in the industry, in the front and back of the house. We’d also like to hear from advocates, union leaders, restaurant owners, investigators or labor lawyers. Your perspective will help us better understand the issues workers face.

Share your story using the form below, and we may follow up with you. We take your privacy seriously and we will not share what you submit without your explicit permission. We can’t guarantee every submission will be included in a story, but we appreciate hearing about your experiences, as they help us guide our reporting.

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