Have questions about our "Quantity of Care" investigation into business practices in the health-care industry? Get answers from our reporters in a Q&A.

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Updated 1 p.m Wednesday: The Q&A is is now finished. You can read the questions and our reporters’ answers in the comments below.

We have been overwhelmed with emails and phone calls from readers about “Quantity of Care,” our investigative series exploring the business of medicine at Swedish-Cherry Hill and the harrowing case of Talia Goldenberg.


Surgery was supposed to mean a better life for Talia. But something went wrong.

High volume, big dollars, rising tension at Swedish's Cherry Hill hospital

Swedish double-booked its surgeries, and the patients didn’t know

Swedish’s ambitious plans involved a developer with a stake in their success

Ongoing coverage

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A lot of readers have called or emailed us with questions about Swedish, about Providence, about how we approached this story and about how to get the best care. Given the widespread interest in this topic, we wanted to open up a venue where we can address questions for others to see.

From 11 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Wednesday, reporters Mike Baker and Justin Mayo answered your questions in the comment section below. Open the comments to see the questions and read their answers.

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