The investigative project we’re publishing this week exemplifies the kind of public service we at The Seattle Times are so proud of and take so seriously. But fearless journalism is not free.

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I recently asked for your support in helping The Seattle Times continue our fact-based, local journalism and allow us to fulfill the public-service mission we take so seriously. The response was remarkable.

We received about 200 emails and phone calls, along with scores of responses on social media. We also saw a surge in new subscriptions being purchased. In less than one week, we met our monthly goal of new digital subscribers, including our best weekend ever. Almost half of those new readers asked for a combined print and digital subscription package. Thank you for your support.

This week we’re publishing an investigative project that exemplifies the kind of public service we at The Seattle Times are so proud of and take so seriously. This kind of fearless journalism is not free: Reporter Mike Baker began work on this investigation a year ago. The only way we can continue to offer journalism that has served this region and resulted in 10 Pulitzer Prizes is for readers to pay for it.


Surgery was supposed to mean a better life for Talia. But something went wrong.

High volume, big dollars, rising tension at Swedish's Cherry Hill hospital

Swedish double-booked its surgeries, and the patients didn’t know

Swedish’s ambitious plans involved a developer with a stake in their success

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