A timeline of the Susan Powell case.

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Dec. 6, 2009: Susan Cox Powell, 28, is last seen at her West Valley City, Utah, home. Police say her husband, Josh Powell, is a person of interest after he claims to have taken their two boys, Charles, 4, and Braden, 2, on a midnight camping trip in subfreezing temperatures.

Jan. 6, 2010: Friends say Josh Powell, who has been fired from his job, may be unable to keep his home in West Valley City and is moving with his children to Puyallup, where his father lives.

Dec. 6: Josh Powell and his father, Steven Powell, say Susan Powell ran away to Brazil with a missing Utah man, Steven Koecher.

Aug. 19-20, 2011: After saying there is a break in the case, West Valley City police search abandoned mine shafts in Ely, Nev., but find no signs of Susan Powell.

Aug. 23: A Pierce County Superior Court orders Josh Powell and his wife’s father, Chuck Cox of Puyallup, to keep 500 feet away from each other. Josh Powell had alleged in a petition for a restraining order that his father-in-law had threatened him and stalked him and his sons.

Aug. 25: Police serve a search warrant at the Puyallup home Josh Powell shares with his two children and Steven Powell, and recover photos of girls who are unclothed and taking a bath, using the toilet and getting dressed or undressed.

Sept. 22: Steven Powell is arrested on a warrant at his home in Puyallup on charges of voyeurism, including two cases involving children. Pierce County deputies found thousands of photos and videos of adult and juvenile females, including Susan Powell, nude or partly dressed in a search of the Powell family home in August. Authorities said the case is not directly linked to the disappearance of Susan Powell.

Sept. 28: Josh Powell temporarily loses custody of Charles and Braden after officials questioned whether he is responsible for his wife’s disappearance. A Pierce County judge orders the children to temporarily stay with grandparents Chuck and Judy Cox, but allows Josh Powell visitation.

Feb. 1, 2012: A judge rules that the children must remain with the Coxes. The judge also orders Josh Powell to undergo a psychosexual evaluation and polygraph test, noting the “extreme child porn” found in his home.

Feb. 5: Josh Powell and his two sons, Charles, 7, and Braden, 5, are killed in a fire in their home near Graham.

Compiled from Seattle Times archives, The Associated Press

and The Salt Lake Tribune.