Is there a partnership in the making?

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It might be too optimistic to suggest that America has reached Peak Idiot stage. But surely you can see it from here.

Consider two major news stories in the Northwest this past week, in which similarly daft operatives continued to suck untold amounts of time, energy and money from the weary masses:

In eastern Oregon, another week passed in the Great Hee Haw Uprising, with heavily armed, lightly educated yahoos maintaining their pledge to die for the right to spread cow poop as deep as God intended across every square inch of the vast Western United States.

And in King County, a Superior Court judge, to the surprise of exactly no one, declared a recent state initiative, popularly known as the Patently Unconstitutional Super-Majority Tax Measure, to be … unconstitutional.

It begs the obvious question: Is prairie-dogma purveyor Ammon Bundy, self-appointed commandant of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, the Tim Eyman of federal constitutional law? Or is Eyman the Lost Bundy Son of state constitutional acumen?

Either way, teaming up for a consulting firm, Make It Up As You Go Along Legal Services, has high potential.

More Looney tuning:

Not the End of the Line, But … The bad news: Boeing is scaling back its 747 production line to one plane every other month. The good: It’s going to be a really nice 747.

Abstinence and Sensibility: Mr. Wrap was quite shocked over the incident that prompted a Times headline reading, “State lawmaker in Olympia asks visiting teens if they’re virgins.” He was even more shocked that the lawmaker in question was not Sen. Pam Roach.

Meanwhile, in Iowa: Hillary Clinton, D-Goldman Sachs, intoned: “We’re not just picking a president. We’re also choosing a commander in chief.” Yes, yes. This is precisely what has us all so concerned.

We Kid the Electoral College: But who among us has not paused this week to celebrate the fact that America’s next leader will, in keeping with democratic tradition, get anointed as front-runner for president by a handful of people in Dubuque?

Just Saying Department: Did you see that giant ice storm that struck Charlotte, North Carolina? Only possible conclusion: God also hates the Carolina Panthers.

Speaking of Snowstorm Logic: “You certainly don’t want to be out driving in this,” cautioned NBC’s Dylan Dreyer, out driving in that, in a vehicle on Interstate 81 in Virginia.

We Are Not Immune: Crack Northwest TV futurecasting meteorology gurus predict that rain and wind might continue to pummel the region — perhaps until it stops. Shelter in place, people. Shelter in place.

And Down at Montlake: Nice to see longtime assistant Jennifer Cohen get the interim athletic director job at U-Dub. We’re assuming she’ll get the big $700K Scott Woodward salary, right?

Clearing Up Some Confusion: The new Holding Tank Effluent Waterfront RV Park, Mayor Ed Murray’s latest civic enhancement, will not, in fact, offer free Wi-Fi for 24-hour streaming of “Breaking Bad.” But check back later.

And Finally: RIP to Northwest ski-racing legend Bill Johnson, dead at 55. When it comes to gold medals and the downhill, he’ll always claim first tracks.