Three people were rescued Monday from two vehicles that got stuck on flooded streets near Monroe.

The drivers had tried, unsuccessfully, to make their way through the standing water on the road. Firefighters had to take an inflatable boat to reach them.

Crews were called shortly before 6 a.m. to rescue two people trapped in a car near the 20900 block of Crescent Lake Road near Monroe. When they arrived, they found a second vehicle in trouble as well, according to the fire department.

“They were able to reach the first car they saw, which had one person trapped inside with water up to his knees,” Snohomish County Fire District 7 wrote on Twitter. “He was brought to safety, but then responders realized he was not the person who had called 911.” They then rescued two people who were standing on the roof of a submerged vehicle.

Firefighters are urging the public not to take the same risk: If you see water over the roadway, turn around so you don’t drown.

“REMINDER,” the fire department wrote on social media. “Do not drive through water over the roadway. You don’t know how deep or how fast the water is moving. Do not drive around ‘road closed’ signs.”

Monroe isn’t the only area in Western Washington that’s experiencing flooding due to overflowing rivers. The border between the U.S. and Canada at Sumas in Whatcom County was closed for roughly 24 hours early this week because of widespread flooding, and the National Weather Service said heavy rain expected Tuesday night through Thursday will ramp up flood and landslide risk throughout the region.