This 45-pound miniature pig is the smartest pupil in her dog-obedience class.

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Though only 6 months old, Amy likely is the smartest pupil in her dog-obedience class.

She only has to be instructed a couple of times before learning something new.

“Amy will work for lettuce. There’s nothing I can’t teach her,” says owner Lori Stock of the 45-pound pig.

It’s not only obedience training for Amy. She’s learning the obstacle course, with challenges including a teeter-totter, jumps, a chute and an elevated walk.

Canines in class occasionally glance over, perhaps wondering: “What is this new breed?”

After all, pigs snort and so do pugs.

Amy has learned to do things pig normally don’t do, like sit. Pigs prefer to lie down.

Stock says, “Amy is outgoing, affectionate and darn cute,” and she accepted her owner right away.

Joining a puppy class at Family Dog Training Center in Kent did not faze Amy.

The only requirement was she had to be housebroken, and she was.

Attending two classes a week, Stock also adds daily training. The house pet spends much of her day in a special-built indoor run.

Food is a constant teaching reward, including banana chips and string cheese.

But bacon treats are strictly forbidden.