Seattle Sketcher Gabriel Campanario found a fun moment to draw at Hing Hay Park’s eye-catching “Gateway,” one of his favorite pieces of public art in Seattle.

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Sketched Sept. 4, 2018

Hing Hay Park’s eye-catching “Gateway” has become one of my favorite pieces of public art in Seattle.

The artful geometrical piece by Studio Fifty50 stands 20 feet tall and was installed in January, adding the final touch to the park’s much awaited renovation and expansion.


Seattle Times news artist Gabriel Campanario has been capturing Seattle's places and people in hand-drawn sketches for more than a decade. To see past columns, visit the Seattle Sketcher home page. Prints, notecards and a book of Campanario’s sketches are available for sale through The Seattle Times store. You may also fill out an illustration request to order a specific image.

On any given day, you may find a lot of things going on at this unique urban plaza, from musicians playing the Chinese violin to people practicing tai chi or sketchers like me looking to capture a genuine location where the roots of Seattle’s Asian community run deep.

On a recent afternoon earlier this week, I came across a father and his teenage son playing an animated game of ping pong, trading skillful shots and the occasional laugh. The sun was hitting that gorgeous arch just the right way, framing the scene too well to let the opportunity to sketch it pass.

It’s no surprise I found a fun moment to draw here, since Hing Hay Park stands for park to “celebrate happiness.”