In the months leading up to Seattle’s Aug. 3 primary election, the city’s mayoral contenders have discussed homelessness, policing, transportation, zoning, the arts, gun violence and the economy.

To learn where the candidates stand on those and other crucial issues, check out this guide and comprehensive coverage of the race from The Seattle Times.

At the same time, COVID-19 precautions have made it hard for many voters to meet the contenders in person and watch them think on their feet.

That’s why The Times asked eight leading candidates to take part in a video-recorded quiz about Seattle, the city they want to lead. Some of the questions have answers that a mayor should probably know, while others are more fun and light.

Before watching the candidates, you can take the quiz yourself (with the advantage of a multiple-choice format).

Do you know more about Seattle than the candidates for mayor? Find out below.