A car prowler stole sunglasses from the couple’s car, but missed the $1 million lottery ticket.

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A $1 million Powerball ticket went unnoticed by a Seattle couple — and a thief — for three months in the couple’s car before they realized its worth.

The couple bought the ticket from Iman’s Deli-Market in Ballard on Feb. 10, the day before the $500 million jackpot drawing, according to a Washington’s Lottery news release. They didn’t check the ticket right away.

When they finally did check, on May 14, they realized they were millionaires, according to the release. They won a second-tier prize, not the big jackpot.

The ticket had survived a close call a few weeks earlier; someone had broken into their car and stolen a pair of sunglasses, which were sitting atop of the winning ticket.

Other than trips to Iceland and Paris, the new millionaires plan to use their winnings for something a little less extravagant: taking care of their house.

Correction: Washington Lottery originally said that the Powerball jackpot drawing was for $350 million.