After watching over 100,000 videos these past 10 years, Will Braden, of Seattle, the creator of CatVideoFest, chose his favorite 5:

  1. Max and the Box

This has been my personal favorite for as long as I can remember. It encapsulates everything we love about cat videos. It’s surprising, unique, unplanned, funny, and above all else, the cat is enjoying himself and the person is having fun, too. I just had to bleep out the (understandable) swear to include it in CatVideoFest.

Home of Will Braden – CatVideoFest – 062022

Will Braden holds up his own cat Nin in front of a line of CatVideoFest movie posters at his home office Monday, June 20, 2022 in Seattle, Wash. Braden’s full time job is to watch cat videos, 10,000 hours of them a year, in order to curate them down into a 75 minute video called CatVideoFest. 220747
The Seattle man who’s watched over 100,000 cat videos and isn’t stopping
  1. Bert the cat vs the Balloon

This is the epitome of the “semi-planned” cat video. The owners received this balloon as a gift that looked like their cat, Bert. They knew Bert would probably have a funny reaction to it, but they had no idea what it would be. It’s the perfect setup for a classic cat video.

  1. Henri 2, Paw de Deux

Sure, I’m biased because I made this video. But in my defense, it won the “Golden Kitty” award at the first ever Cat Video Festival in 2012, and Roger Ebert himself declared it the “best cat video ever made”, so it kinda has to be included. Pardon the terrible French pronunciation.

  1. Cat Man Do – Simon’s Cat (Animated)

One of the first animated cat videos to go viral in the infancy of YouTube. It proves the universality of cat ownership. Across cultures, geography, language, there is a common bond we all share when our cat is impatient for breakfast and we want to remain asleep.

  1. Stalking Cat

This video gets a gigantic reaction in front of an audience! It’s a thoughtfully planned video that relies on the peculiar trait some cats share which is a steadfast belief that if they stay absolutely still, they are invisible. The closer the cat gets to the camera, the funnier it is. Sometimes it’s hard to explain exactly why some cat videos are hilarious, but you know it when you see it!