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Sketched Sept. 21, 2016

The experience of drawing traffic from the Denny Way overpass a couple of days ago piqued my interest in documenting our congested roads.

I usually avoid walking on freeway overpasses for two reasons: mild vertigo and the buzzing noise of traffic. But freeway overpasses are much better sketching locations than I thought. They can lead to unexpected views of the skyline. And there’s something mesmerizing about watching the ebb and flow of highway traffic, especially during rush hour. After a while, you don’t see individual cars anymore. You see a long snaking monster slowly expanding and contracting as it tries to move forward.

That was my impression as I made this sketch from the Canyon Park pedestrian overpass in Bothell on Wednesday afternoon. By 4 p.m., the two lanes of northbound traffic on I-405 were already beginning to choke. The monster was starting to wake up.