Six men went down with the crab boat Destination on Feb. 11, 2017.

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When the Seattle-based crab boat Destination went down early in the morning of Feb. 11, 2017, all six men aboard were lost at sea. Learn about them here:

Jeff Hathaway

Jeff Hathaway, 60, captain of the Destination, lived on a ranch near Port Orchard. He is survived by his wife, Sue Pierce Hathaway, and their daughter, Hannah Cassara. (Courtesy of Hannah Hathaway Cassara)

Kai Hamik

Kai Hamik, 29, created videos of the crab seasons. A resident of Chandler, Arizona, he spent some of his childhood in Sand Point, Alaska, where his father worked in the fishing industry. At the time of his death, he lived with his partner, Amanda Hawkins. (Courtesy of the Hamik family)

Charles Glen Jones

Charles Glen Jones, 46, a veteran crewman and the boat’s engineer, lived in Belfair. Survivors include his children and his wife, Rosalie Jones. (Courtesy of F/V Destination Memorial Fund)

Larry O’Grady

Larry O’Grady, 55, worked on the Destination for more than 20 years. In 2006, after a 17-year courtship, he married Gail Plummer, and the couple lived in Poulsbo. (Courtesy of the O’Grady family)

Darrik Seibold

Darrik Seibold, 36, was raised in Petersburg, Alaska, and Olympia. He left behind a young son, Eli, of Sand Point, Alaska. He was described by his brother, Dylan Hatfield, as an inventor and an artist who painted and wrote poetry. (Courtesy of Dylan Hatfield)

Raymond Vincler

Raymond Vincler, 32, was an Aleut native who lived on Akutan Island in the Aleutian chain. He had two boys. His family said he was happiest when he was on the water with his sons, whom he taught to fish and hunt. (Courtesy of the Vincler family)

A photo tribute to the crew can be found here.

Songwriter and fisherwoman Maria Dosal wrote this song as a tribute to the Destination crew, and performed it in Astoria, Oregon.