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Historic Seattle makes preliminary offer to buy the Showbox

“Cheers to Historic Seattle for stepping up within the law to buy this irreplaceable venue!

What a great nonprofit org that puts their money where their cause is, and is playing fair in the free market.

We need to save more and build fewer rectangles in this soon-soulless city!”

— SEAcitizen (May 24, 2019)

The opioid crisis comes to the classroom as soaring numbers of children born in drug withdrawal reach school age

“These educators are heroes trying to meet these kids where they are. Mental health support is really hard to access for kids and especially if they don’t have a parent on board to make it happen, and the stakes are astronomical. We either reach out to catch these kids or prepare to carry them as adults. The children are blameless but we are not.”


— chrisgtz (May 24, 2019)

Chinatown International District way of Sound Transit plans for a second light-rail station there

“Understandable the International District would be wary of new Sound Transit projects given Sound Transit has not exactly proven to be a good community partner on many levels. At the end of the day, Sound Transit is likely to get what it wants (see Bellevue) but if the International District merchants push back long enough and loud enough, they may be able to force a reasonable compromise.”

— trumpimpeachmentpending (May 24, 2019)

Navy plans extensive training in Pacific Northwest. Here’s how many animals could be hurt.

“The testing and advancement of our naval defenses is crucial, but so is the need to protect the marine mammals who have made Puget Sound their home for far longer than we have. While I do not have the military or scientific expertise to propose a solution to this ongoing issue, I can only hope that there are level-headed professionals at work collaborating on such a solution without falling prey to the current cultural/political climate of turning every issue into a zero sum game. “

— user15032037261892 (May 24, 2019)

Want to get into mushroom foraging without accidentally poisoning yourself? These Northwest experts can help.

“PSMS (and its members) are a great resource, and if you live around here and plan on foraging I highly recommend a membership. There are other resources available locally, like the mycology department at the UW currently under the leadership of Dr. Joe Ammirati. Many years ago, as a teen, I used to forage in town via Metro and then visit the late Dr. Daniel Stunz at the mycology department. I received many a great spore lecture and pointers from Stunz.

For online help, there are many Facebook groups with experienced mycologists as members that can help. Remember, there are dangers sometimes to identifying this way, but many species can be accurately identified from photos. Take pictures of the mushrooms in their natural state, and close-ups of the cap and stem and gills (and spores) are crucial to an accurate ID.

Better yet, you can buy plug spawn for top gourmet mushrooms from shiitake to Reishi to Lion’s Mane. All you need is a log or stump in your yard (or local greenbelt), drill some holes and put the plug spawn in, add water and voila! Happy hunting!”

DeadPhish (May 25, 2019)

‘Big Don’ Benton goes to D.C., shakes up Selective Service and makes a play for White House chief of staff

“A person who reneged on his military commitment gets appointed by a five-time draft dodger to lead the selective service agency.

Yep. Sounds about normal for these times.”

Mr. Mytzlplk (May 26, 2019)

“Cronyism is basically what two-party politics is all about. Conservative, anti-government, Dori Monson types always decry Democrat supporters’ handouts but get silent about unqualified loyalists dipping into the pool of money. Call it out both ways or keep quiet.”


Backdoor (May 26, 2019)

“This is reminiscent of national politicians in Hungary, Poland, and elsewhere who over the past 10 years have reached deep into vast reserves of uneducated, discredited, and incompetent bootlickers for senior government appointments. From this, the world’s watched democratic institutions crumble as right wing strongman autocrats tighten their grip on power.

History is clear about where that political trend always ends.”

jofle (May 26, 2019)

Here’s how the Huskies use indoor rowing to dominate on the water

“It’s been over 30 years since I rowed my last erg test for the Huskies. But just the thought of it made my heart speed up a little. And my stomach got nervous butterflies too…

Go Dawgs!”

— cdt1 (May 27, 2019)

‘Seattle Freeze’: Forget making friends — half of Washington residents don’t even want to talk to you

“I wasn’t born here, and I have experienced this phenomenon. I’ve grown to respect and appreciate it. When you do make friends with people here, you know it’s real — not some superficial connection made at the gym or in the elevator. While it is important to have social connections, I would say it’s even more important to know that you can truly rely on them. I know the people I’ve connected with have my back, and would be there for me if I needed it in the next Snowpocalypse or Megaquake. And vice versa.”

— Mom of 6 years (May 28, 2019)

“I don’t think kindness to stranger is a superficial connection. My dad would speak to everyone; it was more about uplifting his fellow man and sharing their/our story.

I think basing the the reliability of others on Seattle’s freeze is kind of silly. I have met more than my share of fair-weather folks.”

— EvergreenStater (May 28, 2019)

“Honestly, I find this a little bit confusing. As an introvert, it’s pretty certain that I will never initiate conversations with anyone; however, if someone starts chatting, I will engage. Does that make me ‘frozen’?


Some of my most memorable bus and train commutes involved spontaneous conversations with chatty strangers: a Somali woman, a former Seattle native returning to visit her parents at Green Lake, a NASA scientist who needed help finding his hotel. Then there was the couple visiting from New York City that somehow ended up roping about eight people into the chat. None of us knew each other.

Still, as fun as these encounters were in the moment, not one of them was a situation where I would trade numbers with them and be lifelong friends. No, the friends I have gathered along the way came from work, school and volunteering. The thought of making some random ‘friend’ in a bar or on the bus just boggles the mind. But if there’s someone I see every day and have a chance to chat with again and again, growing ever closer…? That’s how we in Seattle become friends.”

— Swan Tales (May 28, 2019)

“Can Seattle Freeze be the name of the new NHL team? Please?”

— user148583613641 (May 28, 2019)

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Seattle area’s home-price increases lag most big cities

“This looks like a long-overdue correction. Housing in the city is unaffordable for normal working people. Even quite affluent working people (two professional wage earners). Prices had to come down. Also, considerably more supply is on the market and there’s more choice. People will sit out the single-family home market another year and re-sign their lease if they think the market will turn. This drives downward pressure on prices even more. And there are more places for them to lease now. See other articles about the number of rentals offering incentives to new renters (first, last, security is free, amenities, deals on longer leases, more flexible terms, etc.).”

Blue N Green (May 28, 2019)

‘This is my moment’: No longer in the shadows, Storm’s Natasha Howard is ready to prove she can be a star

“I remember the trade from last year and not really knowing who Howard was. Well, that’s changed. It’s been a lot of fun seeing her growth. Her defense is astounding but her offense has been a revelation.


If I were young Matisse Thybulle, I would ask her for a meeting. On the men’s side, this is the kind of player and has the game that can develop much like Howard’s. Oh, and they can both dunk.”

Plaidlunchbox (May 29, 2019)

How do you launch a 330-ton tugboat? Very carefully.

“Great article, and so proud to have a local company providing good jobs, quality products that help our long time maritime job base here.

If you have kids, they should look at great maritime industry jobs, ILWU, master’s mates and pilots, inland boat union, lots of other great jobs available, and then the manufacturing jobs and union apprenticeships.

Ferry service hiring, too.”

greaterzinn (May 30, 2019)

Seattle man barricades car2go car left on his property, demands reimbursement

“It can’t be legal for someone to use your property for their purposes, especially when it restricts your ability to use it yourself. It is illegal to trespass onto someone else’s property. Now here is the conundrum. If I put leave my car illegally on your property do I have the right to retrieve it without permission from the property owner?

Put that in the context of a company that rents cars to others who simply leave the car anywhere they want when they are done using the car. This is not the same as normal car rental companies where one returns the car to a property managed by the owner of the rental company. Cars2Go by its very nature uses other peoples property to store its cars. That is not fair or reasonable. Someone else is paying the cost of storing their cars.

So, I’m completely with Dan Smith. Hopefully his tactics are legal. Cars2Go must become responsible for its business.”


— atmo (May 30, 2019)

“With car, bicycle, and scooter sharing this will only get worse. The police and tow companies should work together to remove/dispose any ride share vehicle left on private property.”

Lord_Vader (May 30, 2019)

Breaking down why Jaylen Nowell opted for a shot in NBA draft over another season with Huskies

“I’m confident in Jaylen, that he will put in the work necessary to add value to any NBA team as a guard, or combo-guard, as they say nowadays.  Even Michael Jordan played some PG, so developing skills in ball-handling and getting experience decision-making from the PG position, will be essential for Jaylen to play PG full-time.

Two other factors, ‘basketball IQ’ and ‘want-to’, play a large role in success in the NBA, and Jaylen is intelligent and highly motivated to succeed.  He is a student of the game whose shooting improved greatly this past season.  I believe that his game will translate to the NBA and he will get selected in the NBA Draft.  Go Jaylen!  Woof!”

— dubldawg (May 31, 2019)