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A 17-year-old boy who gunned down another teen at a birthday barbecuelast Mayin Auburn was sentenced today to20 years in prison.

James Anthony Mills pleaded guilty last month tosecond-degree murder. He was prosecutedas an adult.

Mills killed Adrian Wilson,16, during a birthday barbecue in the courtyard at the Aspen Meadows Apartments around 5 p.m. May 20. Mills told police that he fired two shots at Wilson after he called him names, according to court charges.

Mills, who was 16 at the time,said he was carrying a gun that day to protect himself from Wilson’s father, Gabriel Wilson. Mills said that the elder Wilson had been bothering the mother of Mills’ girlfriend, charging documents said.

Two other men were wounded by gunfire.

Mills was arresteda day after killing Wilsonwhen he tried to slip into his mother’s Kent home disguised as a girl, according to Auburn police. He had cut his dreadlocks and donned a wig, dress, purse, sunglasses and ladies shoes, police said.