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everettclinic070408m.jpgSketched July 4, 2008. 12:15 p.m. [View larger] [Map]
Last summer, I had some time on my hands while waiting to see a doctor at the walk-in clinic. Naturally, the sketchbook came out. As waiting rooms go, this one at the Everett Clinic in Mill Creek has a pretty nice view.
When I heard a 33-year-old physician who works at this office is among the 13 probable cases of swine flu reported so far in the state, it felt a little too close to home.
What would you do if a potentially fatal virus paid a visit to your neighborhood? I think I may just go to Coldstone for an ice cream.
Have a nice weekend, folks. Keep away from viruses and see you back here on Monday. It’s been a great launch week of Seattle Sketcher at The Seattle Times. Thanks for stopping by!