Sunday's high temperature of 93 degrees at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport shattered a 35-year-old record. Forecasters say cooler marine air is moving in from the coast.

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Seattle enjoyed a two-day heat wave as Seafair wound down over the weekend with near-record highs Saturday and mercury-busting temperatures Sunday.

But with cooler marine air moving in from the coast, our summer weather has just about peaked, according to the National Weather Service in Seattle.

“I hope everyone enjoyed it because it’ll soon be gone,” meteorologist Dennis D’Amico said of the weekend weather.

While there’s a slight chance of thunderstorms in Western Washington on Monday, the eastern part of the state will be under a “red flag” warning for most of the day. Gusty winds, low humidity and “dry” thunderstorms — lightning with little or no rain — are in the forecast, creating the potential for fires in critically dry areas, D’Amico said.

In the Puget Sound region, “right now it looks like we’re going to be pretty close to normal — with highs in high 70s to low 80s — for the remainder of the week,” he said.

The weekend was a different story:

“It’s the Western Washington special,” D’Amico said, noting we typically get two, maybe three days of hot, sweaty weather before things start to cool off. That is a good thing given that “most folks don’t have air conditioning in our region. Usually, we only have one or two nights of uncomfortable sleeping,” D’Amico said.

On Saturday, the mercury rose to 93 degrees at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, two degrees shy of the 95-degree high posted in 1993, he said. In Olympia, Saturday’s high of 94 degrees fell short of the 95-degree record, also set in 1993, according to D’Amico.

Bellingham, which had an 85-degree day Saturday, also didn’t break any records: It was four-degrees warmer there in 1993.

But then on Sunday, the high temperature of 93 degrees shattered a 35-year-old record set at the airport, where a high of 89 degrees was recorded in 1977, D’Amico said. In Olympia, the high inched up to 94 degrees, busting the 90-degree record of 2008, he said. And in Bellingham, the mercury nudged up to 85 degrees, beating out the 84-degree high also recorded in 1977, D’Amico said.

“Most of those events are pretty short-lived around here,” D’Amico said of our mini-heat wave. “If you want extremes, that’s what the rest of the country is for.”

As we move into mid-August, low temperatures will dip down into the mid- to upper 50s, which “is also pretty typical for this time of year,” he said. “We’re getting a little past the peak of summer weather,” with high temperatures expected to drop off to highs in the mid-70s as we near the end of the month.

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