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Helllooooo summer! It’s officially here today

This is the longest day of the year, the perfect morning to start with a colorful Seattle Sketcher scene at Madison Park. The rainbow umbrellas are a reminder that PrideFest is coming up; find more fun in our searchable Summer Guide. Although you may be pulling on a light sweater this morning, the weekend will bring some nice weather. Here are some quick facts about the solstice for those who love summer and those who just want to hide in a cool basement. And enjoy this mystical-meets-modern peek at today’s solstice sunrise over Stonehenge.

Need to know

Confusion reigns today after President Donald Trump ended family separations at the border in a dramatic reversal. “Zero tolerance” on illegal immigration continues, he says, and children will be held with their parents while the adults are prosecuted. Concerns are deep about how that will happen and whether it can withstand legal challenges. More:

• Family separations could resume if the House doesn’t overhaul immigration, the Trump administration is warning, and the prospects for today’s planned vote look shaky. Here’s the latest on that, and a  speedy guide to the newest developments.

• What will happen to the more than 2,300 children affected? Seattle-area immigrant advocates and faith leaders are wary as parents who are being held locally hope and worry. The feds have no clear plan to reunite families.

• A visibly upset Gov. Jay Inslee called the White House a “den of deceit” before yesterday’s reversal, and he and other state Democrats weren’t pacified after it. At least nine children in Washington have been split from their families, Inslee said.

• “The first lady has been making her opinion known to the president,” and Ivanka Trump is publicly thanking her father. Here’s a look inside the about-face.

• American, United, Alaska and other airlines have asked the feds not to use their flights to transport migrant children. Greyhound is also feeling the stress and says it has to let Border Patrol agents board buses, despite critics who worry about passengers’ constitutional rights.

Seattle’s Spokane Street Bridge is closed for emergency repairs and won’t reopen for at least a week. The bridge is a key connection between West Seattle and the rest of the city.

Throwback Thursday

Wouldn’t it be great if you could skip the bridge traffic and hop a ferry from Seattle to Kirkland? The Leschi plied the waters of Lake Washington for decades. See if you can guess when this photo was taken.


What we’re talking about

“I was sure that what I heard was gunshots.” As gunfire rang out Sunday in the Tumwater Walmart, David George wondered if his family was safe. And then the training kicked in. George, 46, is a pastor — and a fire-department EMT, a gun-range-safety officer and a licensed concealed-carry holder who has trained for active-shooter situations. George is describing how he helped stop a rampage of carjackings and shootings.

The viaduct is shutting down in a few months, and all scenic vistas for you commuters will be gone as we plunge deep into what transportation planners call Seattle’s “period of maximum constraint.” We want to hear from you. What memories — good or bad — do you have of the quintessentially Seattle drive along the Alaskan Way Viaduct?

The Husky football freshman class had its first day on campus yesterday. Thanks to a new NCAA rule, this class could have a bigger impact than others.

From NYC to Seattle: Aarthi Sampath won the cooking contest “Chopped” in 2016 and a biryani battle on “Beat Bobby Flay.” Her star was shining bright in New York City. So what on earth, her friends and family want to know, is she doing in Seattle, running …. of all things … a food truck? Reporter Tan Vinh caught up with her about her restaurant vision here.


Worth a read

Eight passengers have sued Boeing, Southwest Airlines and the makers of an engine that blew apart on an April flight, killing a woman. In another case, most emergency exits were blocked in a chaotic race to escape a blazing Boeing 777in Las Vegas, federal investigators found in their probe of a 2015 engine failure on the British Airways jet. They say a lack of inspection requirements allowed a crack to grow for years.

It’s intern season at Amazon, and that means buses are filling up. Metro is making plans to cope with the crunch.

Canadians will be able to order pot through the mail. Their setup will differ from our state’s in some big ways after lawmakers made Canada the second country in the world to legalize pot. And a Seattle holding company plans to cash in on what it calls a “global paradigm shift.” Privateer Holdings of Seattle owns Tilray, a B.C.-based medical-marijuana company that filed for an initial public offering in the U.S. It could raise $100 million.

Looking for a scenic hike this weekend? Try one of these beautiful, accessible trails along the Washington coast.



Rather than resolving key issues with our country’s broken immigration system, President Trump’s latest executive order shows how far our country has to go toward creating a system that actually works, writes The Seattle Times editorial board.


Today’s weather

Clouds, then sun. High 74. Low 56. Sunrise 5:11. Sunset 9:10.


Today in history

An avalanche kills 11 climbers on Ingraham Glacier as they ascend Mount Rainier in 1981. A National Park Service investigation determines that the accident is a random event, and the Rainier Mountaineering Inc. guides are held blameless. The victims’ bodies cannot be recovered as they are entombed in a deep crevasse under glacial ice in the national park. It is the worst mountaineering accident in U.S. history.

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