SPOKANE VALLEY — Spokane County commissioners are preparing to file a lawsuit against a homeowner who has used his backyard as a helicopter takeoff and landing spot for nearly two years.

KREM-TV reports that Jim Charbonneau began using his Spokane Valley helipad in early 2018.

The Board of County Commissioners approved a resolution on Feb. 11 that authorizes the filing of a lawsuit against Charbonneau. It says that an active heliport presents a significant risk to lives and property within the community.

A letter from Spokane County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Christian Anderson dated Oct. 1, 2019, says Charbonneau told a county employee that he intended to use his property as a place to land and take off via helicopter.

The letter says that the helipad creates a “substantial risk of harm to the safety and well-being of your neighbors.”