A South Park woman shot and injured a man who was attempting to break into her home early Thursday morning, according to Seattle police.

The woman, who lives in the 600 block of Riverside Drive, heard the sound of breaking glass at about 12 a.m., looked outside and saw the armed man in her backyard, said Seattle police spokesman Mark Jamieson. She ran up to the roof and shot the man from there, he said.

Officers found the 41-year-old man behind the home with a single gunshot wound to his shoulder. Police also found a handgun on the ground near him, the statement said.

Police reported that officers coaxed the homeowner — who was still armed with a rifle — down from the roof, so they could approach the burglar and provide him with medical attention.

The man was transported to Harborview Medical Center in serious condition, the statement said.

Police later found multiple bullet holes in the outside of the home, which they believe were caused by the burglar.

Officers also arrested two other men, who fled from the scene in a vehicle when police arrived, according to the statement. Both men — the 30-year-old driver and the 24-year-old passenger — were booked at King County Jail Thursday.

No further information about the suspects was immediately available.