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I publish most of my sketches on this blog, except for those I consider “false starts.”
A false start is a sketch I abandon at any point in the process when I realize I chose a weak vantage point or something just doesn’t feel right. It’s painful to step away from a drawing in progress, even if you’ve only spent 15 or 20 minutes on it, but it often pays off to start all over rather than trying to fix a sketch you are not happy with.
In the case you see above, I went as far as adding color before realizing this was not the best angle to show the Bubbleator green house in relation to the house. Instead of adding any more detail to it, I just started over.
I was pleased with the second try, and that’s the one I chose for the story.
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Let me know if you like this type of posts and I’ll try to do more of them!