A semi truck slammed into a Pierce County home early Friday after it was hit by a pickup on Spanaway Loop Road South. The driver of the pickup, who police say caused the crash, has been arrested.

Detective Sgt. Gary Sanders, a spokesman for the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, said the driver of the pickup was headed south on Spanaway Loop Road when he went over the center line and hit a semi truck traveling the other direction, as well as a car driving behind the semi.

The semi then went across a yard, over a car and into the house, Sanders said.

The driver of the pickup, who appeared to be impaired, was arrested on investigation of driving while under the influence of intoxicants, he said.

The couple who live in the home were asleep when the crash occurred, Sanders said. Had the semi entered the house a few feet to the left, “they would have been killed.”

“Their lives are now upside down because an intoxicated driver hit a semi, which created a drive-through of their house,” said Sanders.

The semi, which was carrying a load of sand to a construction site, had such momentum that it plowed over the residents’ car, totaling it, before slamming into the home.