The settlement, reached last spring, brings the amount of money paid to families to $71.5 million since the 2014 landslide buried a neighborhood and claimed 43 lives.

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A second group of relatives of people killed in the 2014 Oso landslide has reached an $11.5 million settlement with Washington state and a timber company that logged an area above the site of the collapse.

The Daily Herald reported Sunday that the agreement reached in April follows a $60 million payout the state and Grandy Lake Forest Associates made to a larger group of plaintiffs in 2016.

The lawsuit alleged that Washington state, Snohomish County and timber company knew the hillside posed a serious risk to residents but didn’t do enough about it.

The landslide wiped out a rural neighborhood, killing 43 people.

Attorney Emily Harris, who represented families of two people killed, said it was a great result that provides closure.

The April agreement does not specify how much would be paid by the state or the timber company.