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Sketched May 16, 2012 [Click to enlarge]
I drove and walked around this small lake in North Seattle several times before finally finding the slice of shoreline that is open to the public. Haller Lake is certainly a hidden lake, and for those who are lucky enough to live around it, a true oasis of nature in the middle of the city.
I was almost done with my sketch when Devona Hutsell approached me with her chihuahua, Chica, and asked me to add her to my drawing. The result turned out to be rather “grande” in scale compared to the rest of the scene, but Hutsell seemed pleased. She said this lake is a well-kept secret. “The only people who know it are the people who grew up here.”
My sketching also drew the attention of Angélica Cortés kids. They liked what they saw, and I was excited I could talk to them in Spanish. Unlike my own kids, who understand when I speak to them in my native language but reply to me in English, Cortés children were completely bilingual.
Once you find it, the public shoreline access at the end of N. 125th Street has a couple of picnic tables and benches.
Coming up: Haller Lake Community Club celebrates its 90th anniversary on June 7. Stay tuned for more sketches.