Very bad news on the way here.

The excessive-heat warning has been extended another day, with the high predicted to be 91 on Sunday.

If that happens, and it appears likely, we will break Seattle’s record for the number of days in a row with temperatures above 90.

Sunday would make six. This has never happened before.

In the words of one of our favorite meteorologists, Dana Felton of the National Weather Service in Seattle: “You’re still going to be hot and you’re still going to be crabby. That’s the forecast. There you go.”

Obviously a lot of places don’t have air conditioning, Felton said, and it’s one thing to have a couple of hot days together, but six in a row is dangerous and unprecedented in the Puget Sound region.

“Stretching it out like this is concerning,” Felton said. “When we had that 100-degree weather last year, it caused a lot of problems. People passed away and for the elderly and vulnerable, this is not good.”

By Monday, however, cool air from the Pacific Ocean will finally make it inland and bring relief, Felton said.

The high on Monday is expected to be 79 degrees, and forecasters predict temperatures throughout the rest of the workweek will also top out in the 70s.

Said Felton, “We’ve just got to get to Monday.”