With women claiming the top spots for Seattle mayor in Tuesday night's primary, the city will break a decades-long streak of male mayors come the general election on Nov. 7.

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Seattle will soon elect its first female mayor in more than 90 years.

With women claiming the top four spots in Tuesday’s primary-election results ― Jenny Durkan, Cary Moon, Nikkita Oliver and Jessyn Farrell ― the city on Nov. 7 will choose a woman as mayor for the first time since Bertha Landes‘ election in 1926.

Landes was the first woman to lead a major U.S. city.

2017 Seattle mayoral race

“Throughout her brief political career, Landes had to prove herself in ways that men did not — facing constant scrutiny over whether her dress and demeanor were proper for a woman of the early 20th century,” a Seattle Times 2013 story says.

Durkan had 31.6 percent Tuesday night, while urban planner Moon and educator and activist Oliver were neck and neck with 15.6 percent and 13.9 percent, respectively, in the 21-candidate, non-partisan race to succeed outgoing Mayor Ed Murray.

Former state Rep. Jessyn Farrell was also close, with 11.8 percent, followed by state Sen. Bob Hasegawa with 8.6 percent and former Mayor Mike McGinn with 7.2 percent.

Early in the evening, Durkan supporter Lois Schipper said it’s about time the city has another female mayor.

Rachel Heaton, a member of the Muckleshoot tribe, meanwhile, praised the significance of Oliver’s campaign in a speech for her supporters.

“Once in a while, someone amazing comes along,” Heaton told the crowd. “Today, we are witnessing history.”

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Material from The Seattle Times archives contributed to this report.