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Sketched Oct. 31, 2016

Visiting a cemetery when Day of the Dead is near has been a tradition for my family in Spain for years. I made this sketch of a somewhat surprising cemetery Monday afternoon on the northern slope of Capitol Hill, just north of Lake View Cemetery. You see, I didn’t expect to find a Civil War cemetery this far from the battlegrounds where war raged before Washington was even a state.

But tucked away behind big oaks and tall shrubbery, you’ll find the Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery. Platted in 1896, the site serves as the final resting spot for hundreds of Union and Confederate veterans from 25 different states who made their way West after the war. The Friends of the GAR Cemetery Park (FGAR) works with the Seattle Parks Department to maintain the site.

According to the FGAR website, many descendants of the veterans buried here still live in Seattle. For more information, visit