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With a video camera and a mission to spread a message of love, a trio of sophomores at Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences in Seattle recently took the streets of Capitol Hill and downtown Seattle to ask folks about, well, about loving more.

While plenty of people shied away from the quick on-camera interviews, videographers Audrey Thomas, Lillian Hubbell and Maddie Alden were able to coax a number of people to participate in their social commentary project, folks who offered tender words, sweet kisses and tight hugs to those they were with.

Thomas, who hopes to attend New York University and major in film making, said participants were asked how they felt about the companions by their sides. They got a wide variety and often creative number of responses.

When the camera work was done, the girls joined classmates Abi Gibson, Nate Lee and Raven Guenneguez to create a two minute video,  “the Love More project,” that even some of the most jaded of our kind might just find touching.

“Truthfully, we just wanted to spread love,” said Thomas. “We wanted people to love more. It’s about optimism. At the end of the day, do you hug them [the people you love] enough, do you kiss them enough?’

Thomas admits they were approached by a few drunk people on Broadway on the Capitol Hill, “but then we got a lot of sweet families.”

The school project is due on Monday. While Thomas is confident they’ll get an A, she hopes that people who watch the video will remind people to love the people around them.