Seattle's 70-degree high on Sunday set a record for the date. The previous high on that date was 69 degrees in 1996.

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Sunday was the warmest April 8 ever recorded in Seattle, reaching 70 degrees at both Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and the National Weather Service station at Seattle’s Magnuson Park.

The old mark was 69 degrees in 1996.

Last year, Seattle first hit the 70-degree mark very late — on May 20. The latest 70-degree onset recorded in a year was May 23, 2003.

Remarkably, the warmth of Sunday arrived not long after frost formed on some Seattle houses and cars Saturday morning. The fast-changing temperatures happened because of a mostly clear sky and dry air being pushed toward Seattle from Eastern Washington.

This pattern will continue Monday, but highs will reach only into the 60s, said Gary Schneider, a weather-service meteorologist.