The Seattle Police Department will participate in a public meeting at the Columbia City Branch Library at 5 p. m. Monday to discuss and hear public comment on the use of surveillance technologies.

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Does public surveillance creep you out? Or does it make you feel more safe?

The Seattle Police Department will participate in a public meeting on Monday to discuss the use of two types of surveillance equipment out of six that are being reviewed by the city. The meeting is the first of five scheduled to be held over the next two weeks in coordination with firefighting and transportation officials, who also use surveillance equipment. There is a total of 29 surveillance technologies in use around the city.

The meetings follow the Seattle’s first release of Surveillance Impact Reports, as required by law. The city published six reports reviewing technology surrounding license-plate readers, parking enforcement technology, traffic cameras, emergency-scene and HazMat cameras earlier this month. Seattle’s Surveillance Ordinance was implemented in 2017 to increase transparency amid increasing use of technology that raises concerns about potential violations of civil liberties.

The police department meeting will be held at 5 p.m. at the Columbia City Branch Library. Seattle residents can also mail comments to Attn: Surveillance & Privacy Program, Seattle IT, PO Box 94709, Seattle, WA 98124.

Correction: The Seattle Police Department is discussing the use of two surveillance technologies out of six that are being reviewed by the city, not five as reported in the second paragraph of an earlier version of this story. This update also adds the total number of surveillance technologies in use, and clarifies that the police department isn’t hosting the discussions, but is one of the participants.