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Seattle Public Schools is backing off controversial plans for an earlier school bus schedule next year.

Instead, district staff is proposing keeping the 2011-2012 transportation plan in place but allowing some students to stay on the bus as long as 45 minutes.

The district is making changes to transportation plans to try to save money. The new proposal would  save $250,000 to $500,000, half of the $1 million the original proposal was expected to save. District spokeswoman Teresa Wippel said in a statement that  staff made the change to be “responsive to community feedback.”

Hundreds of parents had expressed outrage at the possibility of considerably earlier bus pick up times, saying students  would be deprived of sufficient sleep and that young children would be waiting for buses in the darkness, among numerous other concerns.

The revised proposal will be introduced to the School Board May 16.

To save more money in the future, the district will put together a task force to look at other cost-cutting measures  in 2013-2014.