Seattle Public Utilities is warning of a scam where a caller, pretending to be a bill collector from SPU or City Light, threatens to shut off waste collection, water or power if a payment is not made over the phone.

Seattle City Light warned of a similar scam last summer and said this week callers are using the same tactics but their methods “continue to advance and target seemingly everyone.”

The public utility is reminding customers that employees will never shut off service without advance written warning and won’t call to ask for immediate payment through a prepaid credit card or third-party digital app. SPU and City Light will never threaten customers or use aggressive language, the utility said.

If you believe you are speaking to a scammer, hang up and contact the utility at 206-684-3000 to verify your account status and report the scam.

According to SPU, scammers may target businesses, people with limited English proficiency and elderly customers. Scammers may also use phone numbers that resemble an official city of Seattle number.